Our reproduction of the M/30 leather belt for enlisted men and NCOs. These belts have been made according to original 1931 and 1941 manufacturing instructions.

We offer two patterns:

- 1931 pattern has sewn leather parts and a brass buckle
- 1941 pattern has riveted leather parts and a steel buckle

Both patterns are made of 4 mm thick cowhide that has been dyed red-brown. The belts are 45 mm wide, have rounded edges and two embossed lines running along both edges. There is a leather pad under the buckle. They have two belt loops: one permanently fastened near the buckle and another free floating. The end of the belt is tapered and the size of the belt is stamped near the end. There are seven holes for adjusting the length.

The stamped size of the belt is measured from the base of the buckle to the end of the belt, as per originals. See the table below for actual lengths. We suggest you select a belt where your waist circumference (measured with a tunic on) falls in the middle of the minimum and maximum circumferences. Then you can adjust the belt both ways according to what you are wearing.

Size table for M/30 leather belts

Belt sizeCircumference when fastened
Minimum (cm)Maximum (cm)Minimum (inch)Maximum (inch)
1108510533 7/1641 5/16
1159011035 7/1643 5/16
1209511537 3/845 1/4
12510012039 3/847 1/4
13010512541 5/1649 3/16
13511013043 5/1651 3/16
14011513545 1/453 1/8

Material Cowhide, Cotton Thread
Rivets Steel

M/30 Leather Belt (Reproduction)

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