This is a reproduction of the legendary Finnish m/36 Field Hat, also known as the "Blood scoop". The hat was issued to all branches and all ranks and is by far to most iconic Finnish army item there is.

The m/36 Field Hat is a further development of the earlier Finnish army "Jäger hats" that were used during the Finnish Civil War. Originally the m/36 Field Hat was intended to be worn throughout the year and came with a thicker liner for winter use. This liner was dropped out as m/39 Fur Hats became an issue standard for Winter use.

The branch colour piping was used pre-war in walking out- and service uniforms by all ranks, while in the field uniform a hat without the branch colour piping was to be used. During the 2nd World War majority of the hats issued were without a branch colour piping, but officers occasionally used them with the piping. We offer both styles for our hats, so feel free to make the appropriate selection on the right.

The pattern is an exact copy of several of the Valtion Pukutehtaat manufactured hats we own. There are quite significant differences between different manufacturers and manufacturing years, but these hats represent the most common style issued to the men of the Finnish Army.

The hat features short, soft bill, pull-down flaps that close with 2 small m/36 Lion Buttons on the front, leather sweatband, a liner with size and manufacturers stamps and our reproduction white-blue national cockade.

The hats are made out of 100% Finnish Army wool.  The liner is 100% vintage 1950's cotton, sweatband is dyed and waxed cowhide.

About the sizes: The sizing is exact as per originals. If your head is 57,2 cm you'll have to go size up OR be prepared to stretch the hat.

NOTICE! These hats are made-to-order, so please allow up to 2 weeks for manufacturing to your specifications.

Material Wool, Cotton, Pigskin

M/36 Field Hat (Reproduction)

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