Shoe Polish Tin

Shoe Polish Tin

Original wartime Finnish army shoe polish tin. This is a 11 cm diameter and..

12.99€ Without Tax: 10.48€

M/26 Swedish Steel Helmet

M/26 Swedish Steel Helmet

Unissued pre-war Swedish M/26 steel helmet. The M/26 helmet was also used by Fin..

34.99€ Without Tax: 28.22€

ID tag and ID card.

ID Tag and Card (Reproduction)

Reproduction of the Continuation War ID tag and card set that were issued to eve..

24.99€ Without Tax: 20.15€

Both sides of the pliers.

Finnish Army Wire Pliers

Original war-time Finnish army 6 inch wire pliers. These were used by Signals an..

14.99€ Without Tax: 12.09€

Paper wrapped bandage

Bandage, Paper

War-time bandage in its original paper wrapping. Usage instructions are printed ..

9.99€ Without Tax: 8.06€

M/38 Gas Mask Training Filter

M/38 Gas Mask Training Filter

Original unused wartime Finnish training filter for m/38 gas mask. The filters a..

12.99€ Without Tax: 10.48€

Wooden comb on top. Bakelite comb below.

Lice Comb

Pocket-sized lice comb. Variations: Wood: 80 x 51 x 4 mm Bakelite..

4.99€ Without Tax: 4.02€

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