Reproduction of the Continuation War ID tag and card set that were issued to every soldier. 

The set comes with an original unissued Continuation War period ID tag. It has two 3 mm cotton strings attached to it. The string is surface dyed in the correct greyishgreen colour. This means, that the string is coloured on the surface but if twisted or cut, it'll show the natural white colour on the inside. Just like the originals were. Both strings can be worn around the neck, or like they sometimes were worn back in the day, with the other loop under the arms around the chest and the other around the neck.

The ID card is an important part of the ID tag. The card was carried in the soldiers chest pocket, it had the ID tag number, name of the soldier and the closest relative on it. Besides helping medical service, it also functioned as a sort of identification for the men in general. The card is correct weight and thickness to the originals, being 0,85 mm thick pressed cardboard, triple bent in the middle.

Made in Finland from start to finish.

Material Aluminium, Cotton, Cardboard

ID Tag and Card (Reproduction)

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