This blouse is a Varusteleka manufactured reproduction of the original Finnish m/36 Summer Blouse. We have just a small batch of these available for you at the moment and are unsure if we will ever be able to get more of these.

This blouse is about as close to an original as one can get. The material is correct weave, made out of black and black-white threads just like the originals. The material was custom manufactured in the UK for these blouses. The blouse is accurate to originals in all details to a pre-1941 manufactured Summer Blouse.

The blouse itself is a light shirt-like jacket intended for use during the hotter summer months instead of the heavy, woolen tunics. It is in itself a further development from the older types of summer blouses of the Finnish military - which themselves were further continuation of the Imperial Russian summer blouses. This reproduction features all the details of a pre-1941 model. It has 6 ventilation rivets in the armpits, tabs for the belt on the sides, vent in the cuff with a button and the shoulder tab buttons are attached with a string.

The front has two chest pockets which are closed with two small coat-of-arms buttons. These buttons were intended to be used for the officers summer blouses and can be changed for the dish buttons for lower ranks. The front is closed with 6 small buttons and has an extra button in the collar for the collar closure.

The sizes are slightly different from the wartime ones to accommodate more modern bodytypes, but apart from that the relative dimensions are the same as in period blouses. The C in the size indicates that these are similar to the widest sizes out of the A -B - C system used in the original blouses.

The blouse comes with two extra small lion buttons and two extra small dish buttons. 

Size Table

SizeC 48C 50C 52C 54C 56C 58
Chest Circumference104 cm108 cm112 cm116 cm120 cm124 cm
Waist Circumference92 cm96 cm100 cm104 cm108 cm112 cm
Back Length69 cm70 cm71 cm72 cm73 cm74 cm
Sleeve Length62 cm63 cm64 cm64,5 cm65,5 cm66 cm
Material 70% Cotton, 30% Viscose

M/36 Summer Blouse (Reproduction)

  • Manufacturer: Varusteleka
  • Product Code: FIN-M-36-SUMMER-BLOUSE-001
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