A Reproduction of one of the most commonly used Finnish ammunition bandolier.

This bandolier was sometimes issued instead of the typical leather ammunition pouches.

The bandolier has nine pockets for the Finnish 7,62 x 53r or Russian 7,62 x 54r ammunition clips. Pockets are covered by 3 flaps that are closed with buttons. The bandolier was worn over the shoulder or around the waist, and tied with the laces on the back.

The material is green-brown cotton canvas, like the originals, and sewn on off-white thread. The laces are brown cotton and are fastened through steel grommets.

We offer few different versions of buttons for these, so please make sure you choose the one you'd like to have. Each of these button types can be found on original bandoliers.

Material Cotton canvas, cotton lace
Buttons Steel

Canvas Bandolier (Reproduction)

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