Wartime unissued, unused Finnish military footwraps.Made out of soft, warm flann..

24.99€ Without Tax: 20.15€

Boot in profile and the sole.

M/34 Leather Boots

Finnish post-war manufactured surplus M/34 leather boots.Identical in pattern to..

74.99€ Without Tax: 60.48€

One-off Item
Lappish Boots with Folded Shaft

Lappish Boots with Folded Shaft

Typical Lappish Boots with folded down shafts. These are a unique, slightly flam..

109.99€ Without Tax: 88.70€

A pair of wool socks

Finnish Military Wool Socks

Used Finnish surplus military wool socks. Made out of 100% grey wool and fe..

7.99€ Without Tax: 6.44€

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