Bread Bag, 1940 Pattern, Reproduction

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Reproduction of the Finnish 1940 pattern bread bag.

We make this bread bag here in Finland. Made from 100% cotton canvas, cowhide, pigskin, custom steel fittings and original metal buttons. In other words, this is as close you can get to a wartime made bread bag without owning one.

After the Winter War Finns decided that a new and simpler model of bread bag should be designed. As a result it was to replace the German World War 1 -type bread bags that were used until then. This bag is made to represent the early Continuation War bread bags.

The bag has two inner compartments, cowhide and steel parts for fastening your canteen and mess tin onto the outer flap, straps with pigskin reinforcements for hanging the bag from your belt and an adjustable shoulder strap with a loop to lock it onto your epaulette. Many of these features were rarely used but they are there, just like on the originals.

Darkness of the leather parts may vary a bit from the photo depending on the batch of leather.

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