Aluminium Ring, JR 13, Syväri, 1942

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An aluminium trench art ring with JR 13 and SYVÄRI carved on top and the year 1942 on the sides. Infantry Regiment 13 (JR 13) consisted of mainly Swedish speaking Finns.

During the trench war phase of the Continuation War many men had more time in their hands than they probably should have had. A popular way to spend extra time – and to earn money as well – was making trench art. Often made from aluminium or wood, ranging from rings all the way to tables and other furniture. These are still popular collectible items.

The material is aluminium and the legends often say that the aluminium is from shot-down Soviet airplanes. However, it is more likely that the material is actually from mess tins or some other containers. We have no way of testing these though, so for all we know, it might be airplane material.

The ring’s inner circumference is about 70 mm.

Good condition. See photos.