Canvas Ammunition Bandolier #7

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Original Finnish canvas ammunition bandolier. These canvas bandoliers were often issued instead of the leather ammo pouches. This model can be seen used during Continuation War.

The bandolier has nine pockets for the Finnish 7,62x53r or Russian 7,62x54r ammunition clips. Individual flaps close the pockets with steel buttons. Most commonly you see these worn around the waist or slung over the shoulder. The material is khaki cotton canvas sewn with green and black thread. There is a canvas strap and steel buckle to fasten the bandolier around your shoulder or waist.

The buttons are black painted steel with the text FOR GENTLEMEN stamped on them.

This bandolier is in overall good condition. There is some minor wear and three buttons missing. One of the pockets has a small hole.

Good condition bandolier for a collector. See photos for details.