Postwar M/36 Overcoat, Enlisted Men #4

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Postwar m/36 Overcoat for Enlisted Men, identical to wartime issue models.

The m/36 Overcoat is essentially the same as m/22 Overcoat with minor changes, mainly in the sizing, colour of the collar and style of epaulettes. The overcoat remained in the use by the Finnish army well into the 70’s, before it was surpassed by other models. It was a multipurpose piece of clothing issued to everyone under the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. It functioned as a raincoat, warm coat for autumn and winters as well as a blanket.

The m/36 Overcoat is a very traditional, double brested military overcoat with a stand-and-fall collar and voluminous sleeves and cut. Designed to be worn over the regular uniform, so the sizing is that of the wearer, not of the coat. Two waist pockets, but the woolen waist belt has come off – it is however in the pocket of the overcoat, so you can attach it yourself. The buttons are greenish plastic buttons of wartime austerity type, but one of the rear vent buttons is missing. It is partially lined with a brown cotton twill, no interior chest pocket. The liner is stamped with SA-cartouche, VPu manufacturer stamp and manufacturing year stamp 52.

The size is stamped as 56 B, or about a 112 cm chest circumference and 185 to 195 cm height. However, the coat has been shortened at some point in the 60’s or 70’s per regulations, so it’s a good length for about the 180cm height.

The Overcoat is of the exact same materials, construction and colour as the wartime ones. The only differences are the stamps and the hem length.


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