Postwar M/39 Summer Hat, Enlisted Men


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Very early postwar m/39 Summer Hat with no branch piping.

m/39 Summer Hat was modeled after the Imperial Russian summer hat for reservists. It was originally a voluntary item for officers, NCO and enlisted men, but became the standard headwear after the war for a decade or so. It still sees some use in the Finnish military and is still seen as a quite a iconic officer hat. Most notably C.G.E. Mannerheim wore one.

The original wartime m/39 Summer Hats were all tailor made, so there was a ton of variation in the construction, shape and materials. The post-war ones however are of a standard type – and frankly, of the more appealing shape and size. They are relatively low being only 9,5 cm tall in the front. The sides are not foldable, but made of two separate pieces sewn together. These hats don’t have a branch colour piping, as they were intended for enlisted men. Suitable for both officers or EM for a World War Two impression.

All of these have brownish-grey cotton liners with a variety of stamps and markings, including markings from film industry use. Sweatbands are brown or light coloured leather and generally in OK condition. The hat’s are made from wool serge. Hats are made between 1951 and 1957. When these are sold, we will unlikely get more in the foreseeable future.

NOTICE! Some hat’s require fixing in the front. May come with chinstrap or not. We take into account your wishes, but if there’s none with chinstraps left, you’ll get one without.