Suunto M/37 March Compass #10

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Original working condition pre-war Finnish Army Suunto M/37 march compass.

This compass has all the qualities that made Suunto march compasses among the best in the world:

  • Durable milled aluminium construction
  • Needle is suspended in dampening liquid to make its movement very smooth
  • Doesn’t freeze during the winter
  • 6000 mil aiming circle with marks on every 100 mils
  • 50 mm ruler with 1 mm marks
  • Distance rulers for map scales 1:20 000, 1:42 000 and 1:50 000
  • Leather strap for fastening onto wrist or hanging from a tunic button


There is an O/Y SUUNTO HELSINKI manufacturer’s stamp, an SA army property stamp, T Army combat equipment stamp and a serial number 130505.

The compass points north and all the liquid is present with no bubbles. Leather strap is also soft and usable.

See photos for details.