Suunto M/37 March Compass #13

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Original working condition pre-war Finnish Army Suunto M/37 march compass.

This compass has all the qualities that made Suunto march compasses among the best in the world:

  • Durable milled aluminium construction
  • Needle is suspended in dampening liquid to make its movement very smooth
  • Doesn’t freeze during the winter
  • 6000 mil aiming circle with marks on every 100 mils
  • 50 mm ruler with 1 mm marks
  • Distance rulers for map scales 1:20 000, 1:42 000 and 1:50 000
  • Leather strap for fastening onto wrist or hanging from a tunic button


There is an O/Y SUUNTO HELSINKI manufacturer’s stamp, an SA army property stamp, T Army combat equipment stamp and an Oy Skoha Ab retail stamp but no serial number.

The compass points north and all the liquid is present with no bubbles. Leather strap is also soft and usable.

See photos for details.