Finnish Rifle Dummy Training Cartridge


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Original Finnish army dummy inert training rifle cartridge in 7.62x53r caliber from 1930s.

These are training cartridges that were used to teach the basic handling of the military rifle and its reloading procedures. They are all manufactured by Valtion Patruunatehdas (VPT) in 1930. Each cartridge has a manufacturer and year stamp, although they might be a bit worn.

The cartridges are in good condition and usable. They may have some small stains from storage.

We offer cartridges with dull surface finish straight from the surplus storage or polished cartridges that look like newly issued.

As these are just empty dummy brass cartridges, they require no permits in Finland. We are not responsible for the legislation in other countries, so make sure you can legally import and own these before ordering.

Price is for one.

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