Lappish Boots with Fold-Down Shaft #10

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An excellent pair of fold-down Lappish boots, or “Roikovarsilapikkaat”. These shoes were fairly common in Finland back in the day. The fold-down shafts are particularly flashy stylem but they also serve a purpose – when the shafts are folded up, you can wade through pretty deep snow without having to worry about snow getting in your boots.

These shoes are pretty old, traditional make. No markings or stamps for size or the maker, so these could be made by a local shoemaker. Leather soles with “MARMON” marked rubber heels. Supple leather and in a great condition. The size is roughly 39 EU size (US 6, UK 5), so they are on the smaller side.

We highly recommend greasing these boots before any use. We offer Tallipoika Valjasrasva -leather grease in our store, which is what we use with all our leather stuff. Traditionally the seams and the soles are also treated with pine tar and grease mixture, which makes the seams watertight as well as helps with traction on snow.

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