Lotta Svärd Dress #2

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Original period Lotta Svärd service dress from the 1940’s. Unfortunately unnamed.

Lotta Svärd organisation had its own uniform and regulations, just like most auxiliary organisations of the period. While on the paper these regulations were strict, the reality was that the organisation grew rapidly in size during the Second World War. Together with material shortages this meant that many were not able to adhere to these regulations fully. Lotta Dress however is one of those iconic pieces of uniform that every member had. Most of the time these dresses were made by the Lottas themselves or by local Lotta Svärd groups. This means that it is often difficult to find two identical dresses.

This Lotta dress is made out of a very thin, grey-white cotton. It has a waistband of a slightly different colour cotton on it. No belt remains and the white cuff and collar are also missing. The lower pockets have been moved a few centimeters lower at some point. Some tear and wear here and there with some fixes as well. Not surprising considering the thinness of the material. However, these should be fairly easy to repair neatly if intended for wear. Few of the buttons are missing but they might be a later replacements in any case.

No signs of this ever having had any insignia on it as well. All in all, this is a good base for an impression or a collection.

Size information is roughly: 37 cm shoulder-to-shoulder, 37 cm neck to waist, 119 cm full back length, 66 cm waist and 63 cm sleeve length.