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Reproduction of the m/22 Field Hat for Armoured troops.


m/22 Field Hat was the first widely issued hat of the Finnish military. The first models were issued in 1919 and continued to be made until about 1928. The hat went through some changes over time and there is great variation between the different manufacturers and years, all still following the basic style.  Most notably, the early hats had a vent in the back with hooks, allowing for the sides to be folded down. Later the vent disappeared and the hat got lower in profile. Even though the hat was officially not in use during the Second World War, it saw plenty of use early war and occasionally later in the war.

Armoured troops had their own, black cap. It was used by all the troops in the armoured units, so not just tankers. These are occasionally still seen in the Continuation War photos.

Our reproduction

These are a B-Stock leftover version for a cancelled project that we have laying around. Limited quantity, limited sizes, once these are gone they are gone. But they are a great cheaper option for hats. The aren’t any major differences really to the main one, apart from some materials and quality of construction. These are just as good for use as the main version of the hat.

Do note that this is a B-STOCK product, not the actual main version of the hat. Cockade is NOT included.

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