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Our reproduction of the early war m/36 Field Hat, also known as the “Blood Scoop”. Issued to all branches and all ranks. Also by far the most iconic Finnish army item there is.


The Blood Scoop is a further development of earlier Finnish army and Civil Guard “Jäger hats”. The name comes from the Jäger hats worn during the First World War by the Austro-Hungarian troops. This style of cap was introduced to Finland by the so called Jäger movement during and after the Finnish Civil War. The Finnish military moved away from the Jäger hat for a period in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. However, the hat was reintroduced in 1936 with the new uniform. Originally the hat was intended for all-year use with a snap-on liner. However this was dropped when the m/39 Fur Hat became a standard winter hat.

Our reproduction

There are quite significant differences between different manufacturers and manufacturing years. Ours is based closely on the early Valtion Pukutehtaat -type, of which we own several originals. This VPu-pattern represents the most common style issued back in the day. We’ve used original manufacturing guides from the National Archives together with disassembled originals for reference to get the most accurate pattern possible.

The hat has a short, soft bill. It is important to note, that the bill is supposed to be short unlike some of the other reproductions of the hat out there. The short bill and tall look of the hat compared to, for example, the German M43 Einheitsfeldmütze, is completely intentional. It might feel weird and doesn’t look quite as professional for sure, but it is how it was designed to be. Just like the German hats, this one also has fold down flaps, which are there to protect the soldier from the sun, mosquitoes, wind, rain and what not. Or at least it was intended to by the designer. In reality, it is not quite as useful most of the time and was kept up neatly folded. There’s also a fancy cowhide sweatband with these.

We stamp these with our own manufacturers mark, INT-41 -year stamp and a size stamp. If you want another year, please tell us when placing the order. Made out of Finnish army wool with a cotton liner.

Do note that this is a made-to-order product and we make these in patches every other week. Sometimes it gets pretty busy, so it might take a week or two.

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