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m/36 Uniform, General

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Wartime Generals m/36 tunic with matching trousers.

The tunic in this set is a very fine, tailor made tunic. It is a typical pre-war or early war tunic in that it has been made in the m/22 Officer Tunic pattern but with required changes to make it fit the m/36 regulations. These changes mostly involve the sleeves, epaulettes and the collar.

The pockets follow the m/36 regulation closely and the tailor has added pleats on the back as per m/36 regulations. There’s also reinforcement added for the belt hook eyelets, but the eyelets themself are missing. The collar has probably been redone at some point and it has a stiff, starched reinforcing support. The epaulettes have been changed to the 1941 shape at some point, so they are slightly different colour than the rest of the tunic.

The Trousers are tailor made m/22 trousers, or at least in colour and style. They probably have been made during the early introduction of the m/36 uniform, when many officers still wanted to keep the darker trousers of the m/22 uniform in use. The trousers have stripes of the General Staff on them.

The tunic buttons are early brass buttons, except one of the chest buttons has later been replaced with a copper one. No awards present on the tunic, but the collar tabs are original generals collar tabs. The liner is full artificial silk liner and has a number of repair patches from wear on it. It also has two interior pockets, but is either missing or never had the interior belt that many of the m/22 pattern based m/36 tunics had. The interior pocket has old tailors label, but it has unfortunately lost all identifying information.

The chest circumference on the outside is roughly 108 cm, but the inside circumference is roughly 10 cm less. The trousers have 108 cm waist and 105 cm outside seam.

See photos for more details.