Postwar m/39 Fur Hat, Officers #7

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A postwar officers m/39 Fur Hat for Army officer.

The m/39 hat is based on an earlier model known as “Drivers’ Furhat m/22“. It was issued to all the branches starting from the autumn 1939, so just prior to the Winter War. As the norm with the Finnish military, all the branches had their own flair when it comes to colours and materials. The army one had grey wool with grey-ish wool, though they can be anything from white fur to brown.

This fur hat is a mixture of wartime construction and postwar construction, so it is probably from the 60’s or so. The flaps are attached with snap buttons, but the liner is still  hand stitched and has a bit of a design on the lining stitching. The liner is made out of a dark grey artificial silk and has some discoloration from use. The sheepskin fur is not artificial and has some colour variation to it. Practically identical to a wartime one as there is nothing immediately visible telling it’s a post war manufacture.

The hat has a label “VPu 57” meaning it was manufactured by “Valtion Pukutehtaat” and the size is 57 cm. The stitching on the liner has slightly unraveled, but it is an easy fix.