Postwar m/36 Breeches #51

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These are postwar m/36 Breeches, used by the Finnish military up until the late 60’s.

These breeches require some fixing here and there, but are overall in an ok used condition. However, as many postwar m/36 breeches are, these are almost exactly the same pattern and construction as the wartime trousers. The only major difference in these is that the fishtail in the back has been sewn shut at some point. Open that up and you’ve got trousers pretty much exactly like wartime ones.

The trousers are made of a lightgrey cavalry twill wool, with greyish brown liner and pockets. The knees and the seat have been patched and repaired and there is some smaller fixes here and there. The two slanted front pockets are torn, but repairable. Rear pockets and the pocket watch pocket are in original condition. The loops on the trouser leg cuffs are in a poor condition, but still retain their original look and shape. The waist seam has remains of blue branch colour piping, so these have been in use by a supply unit guy at some point.

These are stamped SA Vpu Int 63, showing these were made in 1963. The size stamp is 50 B, so these are originally for a 170 cm to 175 cm tall man with 86 cm waist. The sewn in fishtail has taken about 4-6 cm of the waist, but can be fixed.

See photos for more details.