Postwar m/36 Tunic #27

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Postwar m/36 Tunic from 1959. Suitable for officer impression or an enlisted mens impression.

The Finnish m/36 Tunic was the main uniform of the Finnish armed forces during the Second World War and for a few decades after. Its successors are still used by the officers in the Finnish military. The tunic itself is closely modeled after the Reichwehr tunics of the early 1930’s. It is thus pretty close to the German tunics of the Second World War. There are some differences in the fit and details of the tunics, but the lineage is pretty apparent to anyone collecting or studying these uniforms.

This particular tunic is your standard post war m/36 Tunic, intended for the enlisted men of the time. The pattern however is close to wartime m/36 tunics. It is pretty much exactly a standard wartime m/36 with different stamps. The tunic has a cotton full liner, which is pretty rare in the wartime tunics, but not unheard of. Blueish cavalry twill wool, some buttons are post war casein buttons, some wartime casein buttons. The sleeves have been extended and there’s some tearing on one of the extension seams. These are pretty easy to get rid of and restore.

The tunic is stamped with SA-cartouche, size marking 48 B and manufacturers label VPu Int 59 for the manufacturing year of 1959. Size 48 B is intended for a 165 cm to 170 cm tall man with a 96 cm chest circumference.

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