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Postwar m/36 Tunic #44

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Postwar m/36 Tunic from the 50’s. Suitable for officer impression or an enlisted mens impression.

The Finnish m/36 Tunic was the main uniform of the Finnish armed forces during the Second World War and for a few decades after. Its successors are still used by the officers in the Finnish military. The tunic itself is closely modeled after the Reichwehr tunics of the early 1930’s. It is thus pretty close to the German tunics of the Second World War. There are some differences in the fit and details of the tunics, but the lineage is pretty apparent to anyone collecting or studying these uniforms.

This particular tunic is your standard post war m/36 Tunic, intended for the officers and enlisted men of the time. The pattern however is close to wartime officer’s m/36 tunics. A great option for an officer’s impression or an enlisted mens impression for the Second World War. The tunic is in pretty good condition with no major damage. Someone has made some funky “additions” to the tunic, by adding cavalry Luutnantti (Lieutenant) collar tabs and Uudenmaan Rakuunarykmentti (Uusimaa Dragoon Regiment) branch insignia on the shoulder epaulettes. The black “piping” is for the armoured troops, so it’s unclear what the idea was behind that. All the buttons are copper. Lining is full green artificial silk lining.

Stamped with SA-stamp, VPu Int XX and size stamp 50 B. 50 B corresponds to a man 170 – 175 cm tall man with a 100 cm chest circumference.

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