Pre-War Leather Strap, 20 mm, Reproduction

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Reproduction of the pre-war leather straps that saw wide use during the Winter War and Continuation War.

The strap is 20 mm wide and around 90 cm long and has plenty of holes for adjustment. Dyed brown as per originals. This strap is wider and a bit thicker than the 16 mm strap, so it might be harder to get through some wartime strap loops.

Originally soldiers had three of these straps issued to them. The straps were used, for instance, to attach the blanket and shelter half to their Tornister-backpacks . However later on they were used to attach mess kits, boots, overcoats  and such to other backpacks.

Leather straps were one of the most useful items a soldier could have – they were used for a massive variety of jobs, where there was need for a strong attachment method. May it be fixing shoes, attaching things to your rucksack or just making items pack tightly inside the backpack.

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