Wartime Wool Mittens #3

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Original wartime wool mittens.

After the Winter War the Finnish Army realized that there was a great need for proper winter time mittens that could be used with a weapon. While many had their own mittens and the military had a variety of leather and civilian issue mittens available, they were not standardized enough. Thus, plans and patterns were made for an issue mittens using surplus materials.

Many of these mittens were made out of German uniforms, scrapped uniforms and random bits and pieces. This pair is made out of what seems to be greenish m/27 wool. The palm is covered with light coloured cotton twill fabric. The thumb is made separate and sewn in place. The right hand has a hole for the trigger finger. The mittens are pretty thin, and were generally worn with knitted mittens or gloves inside them. The construction of these mittens is rough, with right hand having some patchwork. The left hand has some red paint staining.

The mittens fit for a hand 9 cm to 10 cm wide, or larger without the liner mittens. Perhaps best suited for a display or collection.