M/22 Leather Belt, Reproduction


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Our reproduction of the M/22 leather belt for enlisted men and NCOs. These belts have been made according to original manufacturing instructions and compared to original examples.

The M/22 belts were originally made with undyed or light brown leather, but from 1927 onwards the designation was changed to M/27 and dark brown leather was used. Even though the M/22 belts were officially replaced by the M/27 and M/30 belts during WW2 they can still be seen used in wartime photos, most likely because there were still some M/22 belts in stock.

These belts are made of 4 mm thick undyed cowhide. The belts are 45 mm wide, have rounded edges and embossed lines running along both edges. The buckle hook is hot blued steel and fastened by stitching with white cotton thread. The adjustment strap has 4 pairs of holes with 34 mm intervals, and is handstitched to the belt with white waxed linen thread. The end of the belt is rounded and the size of the belt is stamped near the end.

You need an M/27 buckle to use this belt.

See the additional tab above for size information.

Like any leather item, we suggest greasing the belt periodically to prolong its life. Greasing leather darkens it, which is more obvious on undyed leather. This is normal and it’s the way leather items were treated in army depots.

This is a made-to-order product. Sometimes it gets pretty busy, so it might take a week or two to manufacture.

Size table

Belt size Circumference when fastened with buckle
Minimum (cm) Maximum (cm) Minimum (inch) Maximum (inch)
80 72 82 28 ¹¹/₃₂ 32 ⁹/₃₂
90 82 92 32 ⁹/₃₂ 36 ⁷/₃₂
100 92 102 36 ⁷/₃₂ 40 ⁵/₃₂
110 102 112 40 ⁵/₃₂ 44 ³/₃₂
120 112 122 44 ³/₃₂ 48 ¹/₃₂
130 122 132 48 ¹/₃₂ 51 ³¹/₃₂


Belt sizing

The stamped size of the belt is measured from the base of the buckle hook to the end of the belt, as per originals. You can see a table for the standard belt sizes above.

We suggest you select a belt where your waist circumference (measured with a tunic on) falls in the middle of the minimum and maximum circumferences. Then you can adjust the belt both ways according to what you are wearing.

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