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  • Bread Bag Pre-Orders Open!

    We are making the next batch of 1940 pattern bread bags.

    The pre-order is open until 20th of May.
    After that we will start manufacturing the bags, which will take a few weeks depending on the total amount of orders.

  • Strike is over!

    Strike is over.

    In fact, it was over a while back. It had so little effect on us, that we ended up forgetting about it.

    No more worries for anyone. 🥳

  • Finland hit with a strike

    There’s a strike going on in Finland, as Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions has started a two week strike. This affects a lot of transportation infrastructure and what not, meaning that shipping is pretty much non-existent for the next two weeks – and will probably cause issues for a while after that.

    We’ll keep you updated on what the effects are beyond this and if the situation changes. But for the moment, expect delays in shipping as well as availability of items as plenty of stuff we’ve ordered is probably going to be stuck somewhere for a while.