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M/36 Summer Blouse, 1951 #21

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Postwar Finnish m/36 Summer Blouse made in 1951.

The Finnish military m/36 Summer Blouse derives from the old Imperial Russian summer blouses. While the similarities are not quite apparent, the m/36 is the last version of the summer blouses, all of which introduced some changes to the previous models. The post war m/36 Summer Blouses are essentially identical to the very late war issued m/36 Summer Blouses and they were used well into the 60’s.

This summer blouse is made from similar cloth as the wartime ones, but there is no colour difference between the face and reverse of the fabric. The blouse is essentially identical to the late war ones and without seeing the stamps it would be hard to tell the difference. Pockets, belt loops and epaulettes have wartime plastic buttons and the front closure has wartime metal dish buttons. There are no repairs on this blouse. It is in very good condition.

The blouse is stamped with SA-cartouche, VPu Int 51 stamp for manufacturer name and manufacturing year of 1951. The size is 50 A, which is for a 164 cm to 173 cm tall man with a chest circumference of 100 cm.

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