Finnish Markka Coins


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Original coins from the wartime years. Obviously no longer valid tender, but great thing to have in your pockets. We’ve harvested a fairly affordable collection of them for you and your pockets.

The coins we have available are all identical, except that hey just have a different year stamp. Pre 1939 coins are from 1918 – 1938. Post 1945 coins are from Late 1940s.

Troops could make purchases of everyday items even near the front lines from “canteens” organized by Lotta Svärd and other auxiliary organizations. 100 Penni is equal to 1 Markka.

Wartime Allowance Table

Below is a table of daily allowance for different ranks during the wars. Troops were paid biweekly.

Rank Winter War Continuation War


10 mk 7 mk
Alikersantti 15 mk 10 mk


20 mk 15 mk
Vääpeli 25 mk 18 mk
Sotilasmestari 30 mk 20 mk
Vänrikki 30 mk 20 mk
Luutnantti 35 mk 25 mk
Kapteeni 40 mk 30 mk
Majuri 50 mk 35 mk
Everstiluutnantti 60 mk 40 mk
Eversti 75 mk 50 mk
Eversti (as division commander) or above 100 mk 60 mk

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