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This is our reproduction of the pre-war pattern Finnish field axe carrier. This was the most common axe carrier seen in use during the Second World War. According to the manuals two field axes were to be issued per infantry squad, however in practice this varied.

“Field tools” were the standard tools issued to individual soldiers for entrenching as opposed to bigger “Engineer tools” that were issued to units to be used when needed for larger field fortification and building tasks.

The carrier is manufactured from 3 mm thick cowhide and is available in three color variations. The carrier covers the axe head completely. The flap closes over the top and fastens to the brass stud on the bottom. Handstitched with white waxed linen thread. The rivets are made of copper. There are two loops for hanging the carrier from the belt.

The carrier fits the standard Finnish field axe (Model Kemi 12/3) manufactured by Billnäs or Kellokoski. You can use these with other axes too, but we can’t guarantee the fit.

The maximum blade measurements that fit are:

  • Blade height: 9,5 cm or 3 ³/₄ inch
  • Length along the blade: 16,5 cm or 6 ¹/₂ inch
  • Back height: 5,5 cm or 2 ¹/₈ inch
  • Back width: 5 cm or 2 inch


Price is for one.

This is a made-to-order product. Sometimes it gets pretty busy, so it might take a week or two to manufacture.

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