Compass Strap, Reproduction

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Reproduction of the pre-war compass strap for Finnish Physica and Suunto compasses.

The strap is 14 mm wide and 55 cm long with two button holes for attaching to tunic buttons. It is made of dark brown cowhide.

The strap comes with a one-use rapid rivet which you use to attach the strap to your compass. We also include a spare rivet just in case.

How to set the rivet (see photo for an example):

  • Push the end of the strap with two holes through the compass metal loop so that the first hole is on the other side and the second hole is left on the other side.
  • Bend the strap so that the holes are facing each other and the compass metal loop is between the holes.
  • The longer half of the rivet is placed in the first hole so that the rivet shaft is facing upwards.
  • The shorter half is placed in the second hole so that the rivet hole is facing downwards towards the other half’s shaft.
  • Push the rivet halves together with your fingers. They should stay together for now.
  • Set the bottom rivet to a hard surface and hit the top rivet with a hammer. It should flatten the rivet a bit.
  • The rivet should now be set. Try to pull the halves apart with your fingers to test that they stay together.


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