Equipment Strap, 16 mm, Reproduction


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Reproduction of the Finnish 16 mm leather equipment strap that saw wide use during the Winter War and Continuation War.

This strap attaches well to all Finnish backpacks and bread bags, including our reproduction of the model Ulvila backpack and the 1940 pattern bread bag.

The strap is 16 mm wide and 55 cm long with a nickel plated steel roller buckle and plenty of holes for adjustment. The strap is cowhide and available in three colors, which are all variations that can be seen used during the war.

Leather straps were one of the most useful items a soldier could have. They were used for attaching the blanket, mess tin, boots, overcoat or other things to the backpack, but also for attaching things onto a bicycle, fixing shoes, or just making items pack tightly.

Price is for one.

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