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Legendary Finnish military item – the m/39 Fur Hat – gained a lot of fame and love during the World War 2. It remained a popular hat all the way until the 90’s when newer models surpassed it in use.

The m/39 hat is based on an earlier model known as “Drivers’ Furhat m/22“. It was issued to all the branches starting from the autumn 1939, so just prior to the Winter War. Talk about timing….

This type of hat is officially for the enlisted men, but it was common to see officers wear these as well. The only difference is that the flaps of the EM variant are tied with strings on the top. However on the officers hats the flaps are held in place by snap fasteners. Just throw different cockades on yours and you are transformed.

This hat is made out of wool serge with sheep fur covering. The sheep fur comes from a Finnish supplier, so they are torture free furs. Colours may vary from the images, as we select the skisn from what is available – all period acceptable colours, though! The hat has two flaps – one in the front that can be used as a visor and one covering the sides and back. The front is fastened with a hook to a thread loop. The liner is grey cotton, with stitched warm lining. The front flap is made out of brown cotton, like many wartime originals were. You can see oen example of such in the images.

The sizing is made exact to the measurement, so if you are in doubt go one size larger. With use, the hat will form to your head – especially after a rainy day.

Note! These are made-to-order and as such may take a few weeks to be done, as we make them in patches. Also the colour of the fur may differ from the images somewhat. They are however all within the range of original colours

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