M/28 Ammunition Pouch, Reproduction

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Our reproduction of the Finnish prewar M/28 ammunition pouch for 45 rounds of 7.62x53r ammunition, three clips of 5 rounds per pocket.

The M/28 pouch is basically a Finnish manufactured larger version of the German M/1909 ammunition pouch. Although they saw use alongside the German pouches during the war, the Finnish ones never completely replaced the German WW1 pouches. The Finnish M/28 pouches had a limited production run (possibly ~30 000 pcs) in 1928 and it seems they were not produced since. The pouches were manufactured by 4 different leather makers and each maker’s pouches had distinctive size and details. Our reproduction is based on the Veljekset Åström Oy manufactured pouches.

The original pouches were a peace time production, so they were made with a lot of care. We have built ours with the same care and attention to details.

The pouch is manufactured from 3 mm thick dark brown cowhide with our custom pebble pattern on it. We 3D scanned the original pouch’s pebble pattern and manufactured tools to reproduce the pattern on our leather. The corner reinforcements and inside dividers are 1 mm thick rawhide. The pouch is hand sewn together with dark brown linen thread. Rivets are copper with brass washers. The underside brass buttons were custom made for us to meet the specifications of the originals. The cast brass D-ring on the back is a few millimeters too tall, but casting our own would have bumped the price too much for the small gain, so we settled for that, and that’s the only thing we settled for on this pouch.

We can proudly say that this is the best reproduction of the Finnish M/28 ammunition pouch on the market.

Like all leather products, the pouch might be a bit stiff at first. We suggest greasing it. The leather will stretch in use.


This is a made-to-order product. Sometimes it gets pretty busy, so it might take a week or two to manufacture.

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