Field Bottle Cap Bolt Set, Reproduction

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A Reproduction of Finnish field bottle cap bolt set. This set is identical to originals and fits both M/36 and M/42 field bottle caps.

The set contains a bolt, two nuts and an end nut.

Field Bottle Instructions

For a complete M/36 field bottle, you need


How to correctly use the field bottle cap bolt set

  • Put the field bottle cap gasket inside the cap
  • Push the bolt through the holes on the gasket and cap from the inside of the cap
  • Tighten the bolt to the cap with one nut
  • Put the bolt through the rivet hole of the field bottle cover strap
  • Screw the second nut on to the bolt
  • Screw the end cap to the bolt as far as it goes
  • Tighten the second nut back towards the end cap to hold it still
  • The field bottle cover strap should be free to rotate around the bolt

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