Field Bottle Cover Strap, 1936 Pattern, Reproduction

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A Reproduction of the 1936 pattern Finnish field bottle cover strap. This strap is meant to be used with the 1936 pattern field bottle cover. This type of strap and cover were used through Winter War and Continuation War.

The material is 2 mm thick light brown cowhide. Handstitched with white waxed linen thread. There is a steel spring hook for fastening to the bread bag.

Field Bottle Instructions

For a complete M/36 field bottle, you need

How to correctly use the field bottle cap bolt set

  • Put the field bottle cap gasket inside the cap
  • Push the bolt through the holes on the gasket and cap from the inside of the cap
  • Tighten the bolt to the cap with one nut
  • Put the bolt through the rivet hole of the field bottle cover strap
  • Screw the second nut on to the bolt
  • Screw the end cap to the bolt as far as it goes
  • Tighten the second nut back towards the end cap to hold it still
  • The field bottle cover strap should be free to rotate around the bolt

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